The Dallas Stars Upstage the Super Bowl with an Amazing Tribute to Sweet Victory

Squidward Sweet Victory

The Dallas Stars arena crew show yet again why they’re the best in the business.

After an embarrassing display from the NFL at the “Big Game” on Sunday, NHL Playoff contender Dallas Stars put on a show for its fans that paid proper tribute to the childhood icon. Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, passed away in late 2018, prompting over 1.2 million fans to petition for a tribute to the show’s creator during the Super Bowl by playing the song Sweet Victory.

The tribute would mimic the ending to the episode “Band Geeks”, the culmination of Squidward’s character arc in which he upstages his rival Squilliam Fancyson and puts his faith in the denizens of Bikini Bottom, who reward him with an outstanding performance of David Glen Eisley’s Sweet Victory at the “Bubble Bowl”.

The NFL responded with a 5 second teaser that featured 0 seconds of the actual song, instead serving as an intro for Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode, to everyone’s disappointment.

The Dallas Stars did manage to give a proper tribute to the creator’s work, showing the entire segment from the episode in an outstanding display of marketing genius and overall good fun.

It’s no Superbowl, but they played this at the Dallas Stars hockey game from r/BikiniBottomTwitter

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