Girlfriend Reviews is the Best New YouTube Channel

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This isn’t a review of Girlfriend Reviews, this is a review of what it’s like to live with someone who watches Girlfriend Reviews. *not really*

Girlfriend Reviews exploded on the YouTube scene in November, 2018 with the simple but funny premise that a game could be reviewed based on how fun it is to sit next to somebody and watch them play through it. The channel’s first review, starring Red Dead Redemption 2, features voice-over from Shelby, AKA “The Girlfriend” going in-depth on many of the traditional aspects of games you’d find in your run-of-the-mill game review: gameplay, story, music, and level design. However, she judges these aspects from her own perspective, as the girlfriend who sits on the couch next to her video game obsessed boyfriend Matt, watching as he navigates the world, ropes up baddies, and follows along with the story like the newest Netflix Original.

Whether you’re a younger sibling relegated to watching your older brother hog the controller even though he swore he’d switch off on deaths (SPOILER ALERT: he won’t) or your significant other spends all night trying to unlock every fighter in Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch while you’re yelling about how much they suck, Girlfriend Reviews will strike a chord with you.

The opportunity to play through a single player game together by sharing in the experience of progressing through stories and overcoming obstacles is one of the key reasons why the Let’s Play format has become so popular. Sometimes, you just want to watch someone play a game in the way you might want to watch a football game even though you don’t want to throw around the pigskin in your backyard. If this sounds familiar, Girlfriend Reviews is right up your alley.

Girlfriend Reviews videos are chock-full of self-aware memes and hilarious jokes that let you know right away that while she may not be a hardcore gamer herself, she’s fully immersed in gaming and internet culture. There’s also some unexpectedly catchy songwriting, making it even more obvious that this content creator is just plain talented. Shelby and Matt’s unique take on gaming offer a fresh and funny perspective on an oversaturated video game review market. *Please Subscribe*

If you love Girlfriend Reviews, check them out on their YouTube channel or on Twitch. If you hate Girlfriend Reviews, tweet at Super Power Armor and tell me why I’m dumb and why my opinions suck.