July Is Officially Gamer Pride Month

Gamer Pride Month

Many marginalized and oppressed groups in our society have a month for reflection and pride. February is Black History month. June is Pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. But the absolute most oppressed group in our society is finally getting a month to reflect on how difficult it is to survive day after day. I’m talking of course, about Gamer Pride month.

Gamers are without a doubt the most oppressed social group in our society. In fact, just last month Square Enix dealt a huge blow to the gamer community by reducing the size of Tifa Lockheart’s breasts in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake.

Tifa Lockheart FFVII Remake
0/10 literally unplayable

Gamers have been feeling the crushing weight of the violently oppressive PC police for years now. Game developers including female protagonists that aren’t dressed in provocative outfits has no doubt violated the free speech of many an enlightened gamer. After all, what purpose does a female avatar have in video games if not to satisfy the sexual urges of male players?

Gamers Rise Up

Thankfully, a group of brave warriors have risen to reclaim July in honor of those who give the ultimate sacrifice of openly being a gamer. In honor of Gamer Pride, edgelords around the world are proudly flying the yellow flag, in reference to the six month old piss bottles sitting next to their $2,500 Minecraft machines and Twilight Sparkle body pillows.

gamers yellow flag

2019 is finally the time for gamers to RISE UP against their oppressors to celebrate what’s most important in life: calling people the n-word on Xbox Live. So what better way to show the world that you’re a proud gamer than by switching your Twitter and Instagram profile pictures to the yellow flag of freedom.

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