Meme of the Week: Me and the Boys

me and the boys

Meme Origins

Me and the Boys is a meme that perfectly encapsulates the wonder of childhood shenanigans with your friends. Remember those days, back when you had friends?

The image most commonly associated with this meme is a still from the 1967 Spider-Man animated series featuring a lineup of Spider-Man’s most threatening villains: Green Goblin, Electro, Vulture, and Rhino. The original still image actually didn’t contain Rhino, however, as he was photoshopped in by the meme’s creator. The best part about the picture is that it makes these dastardly villains look like 6th grade boys that just typed “hot girl boobs” into Yahoo! images for the first time on their mom’s dial-up internet service.

The meme blew up on Reddit in May, 2019, getting over 50K upvotes when user /u/cobe1712 posted the first screenshot on /r/memes.

Aye boys, check this from r/memes

From there, countless other spinoffs of the meme developed, the premise almost always being the group of 4 doing something stereotypically devious or immature.


me and the boys vandalism me and the boys - old man me and the boys - abbey road me and the boys - at e3 me and the boys - ball stuck under car me and the boys - collecting dragon balls me and the boys - watching anime

me and the boys - all of the boys

Rating: 4/5 Boys

Classic retro aesthetic with a relatable premise. I can see this staying around for quite some time.

Rating: 4 / 5 Boys

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